Flexible Packaging


JJM Packaging has the solution for your hot drink packaging needs. Our complete manufacturing line can package any hot beverage or health supplement in a K-Cup format compatible with all Keurig© brewing systems including the 2.0.

Our advanced grinding and packaging machinery de-nests containers, installs filter material, fills in a 1up, 4up, or 8up configuration, and seals.

JJM knows K-cup packaging:
  • 1.
    Designed For You

    Your K-cups are fully customizable, and we make sure the final product looks elegant and professional.

  • 2.
    Made From The Best

    We use high quality, FDA approved materials to provide you with excellent results every time.

  • 3.
    Tons of Options

    We offer 12 and 24-cup cartons, bulk case packing, or bulk bagging. All are ready to palletize and ship straight to you.

Choosing JJM Packaging as your package manufacturer grants you access to a multitude of cost-effective options to customize your packaging exactly as you want it.

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